Automate follow-ups with networking contacts.  Energize your networking funnel!

Use the mobile introduction system to send a friendly message to new contacts.  Of course, it's good etiquette to ask permission to send the email first. "May I send you my info?"   Simply enter a name and email address into our mobile accessible form, and a professional email is sent to the addressee.

The follow-up email can contain: - info about your company, a links to a brochures, company video, review request form,  survey, or marketing materials.   The possibilities are unlimited!

To test the system, complete the form below below. Immediately check your mail box for an email that: 1) Provides custom info about our company, 2) Thanks the recipient for their time, 3) Suggests a follow-up meeting, 4) Automatically adds the contact to your CRM and a mailing list.

Welcome to Cactus Creative!

Thanks for connecting with us at Cactus Creative LLC. We look forward to working with you. I will send you some info about our company.